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"Let us just dip our toe in and check it out"

We hear you. So we created our Test the Waters Program. We don't offer "free" leads. Our leads have a very real cost-to-us component. We think that all data that results from the significant investment in people, money, equipment, software, time and marketing, in order generate and to collect data, has a value. We think you need to find out if opt-in data works for you. And you need to do so in a way that doesn't require significant capital investment. We want to take the risk out of trying opt-in leads.

Test #1 = Opt-In Data $495

  • Options for $495:

  • 3000 Real Time Opt-In Leads

  • 4000 Fresh Opt-In Leads (up to 24 hrs old)

  • 10,000 Aged Opt-In Leads 30+ days old

Test #2* = Aged Internet Leads $495

  • 200 Mortgage Purchase Leads 30-90 days

  • 200 Mortgage Refi Leads 30-90 days

  • 300 Final Expense Life Insurance 30-90 days

  • 150 Mortgage Protection Life Insurance 30-90 days

*In general, we do not recommend working solely with Aged leads as they require more work than fresher or new leads. Aged leads yield success ratios that are significantly lower than fresher or new leads.

After our test:

If the leads work, we'll continue doing business. If they don't, it didn't hurt too badly. In either case, our obligation to each other has ended but of course, we want you to continue doing business with us.

Here is how some centers manage the data that we send them:

  • They place all initial landline calls between the hours of 5 pm-9 pm local US time, Mon-Fri., and 9 am – 1 pm on Sat.

  • They then call the cell phone number if available, again at the times listed above.

  • Next, they call the landline again.

  • Then they send a text message.

  • Followed by an email.

  • Then they recall the cell and landline numbers until contact is made.

Each lead is called/contacted at least 10 times over the week before the lead is considered “dead.” Our centers do this because they pay for the leads too, and they want to maximize their investment.

Lastly, if you encounter problems with the data, please let your sales representative know after you complete the file and send us a predictive dialer disposition report. We need it to analyze any issue(s).



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