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Satellite & Cable TV

Satellite & Cable TV

Satellite & Cable TV Packages

We have both exclusive real-time posted leads generated from search traffic, advertorials, native ads, some banner placement on specific sites. To find folks interested in new service or switching their existing service, we use conversational artificial intelligence calls. Our Special Sauce is the data. We tend to be very creative when identifying propective customers for satellite and cable tv packages. Artificial Intelligence is a term that is almost always misunderstood. Ours is Conversational. We build custom AI for every campaign. Once the prospective customer answers their phone, a voice lets them know that there is new Satellite and Cable service in their area. The AI leads them through a brief series of yes / no questions. If they say no, we thank them for their time. If they say yes, they’d like to hear about your incentive offers and your TV packages, the call is transferred to you. YOur buffer lets you get rid of the tire kickers. From there it’s up to you to close the deal! 

AI-Transfers (Initial Order: 100 Exclusive calls; comes w/ applicable call-timer buffer for quality assurance) 

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60 Second buffer
90 Second buffe
- All transfers are exclusive and backed via 100% contact rate guarantee.
- Pricing spread is for Volume


+ States: (Available Nationwide)
+ Credit: Excellent, Good, Average omit Fair and poor

All live-transfers are TCPA compliant and come with a guaranteed 60 or 90 second billable call-timer. Thus we provide time for you to judge, assess, and qualify each lead before its added to your campaign. This dramatically reduces any invalid leads and puts only viable and qualified candidates in your hands!

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