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Live Call Transfers

Live Call Transfers-Talk with Every Lead

Real Prospects

Professional telemarketers ensure that our live transfers are real prospects wanting to talk to you.

Agents call on your behalf, as though from your company to promote your campaign. All you have to do is connect with the prospect an close.

Campaigns are customized to your target audience. Of course you are  in control of the live transfers you want each daily and when.

All live transfers are:

  • Exclusive

  • Pre-qualified based on your scripting

  • Truly Interested prospects

Our live transfer quality control system ensures that every transfer we create is reviewed and verified. This way, every prospect you speak with already meets your ideals.

Our pick-your-own-buffer policy means you never pay for a lead that doesn't meet your standards.qualify your prospects aggressively
Buffers eliminate the need for returns. Your job is to find out if they’re just kicking the tires within your buffer so you don’t pay for them.
Buffers are 30, 45, 90 and 120 seconds. Yes, the larger the buffer, the higher the cost, but the higher your ROI.

Call us today at  844-999-8080 so that one of our experts can help you develop a really successful live transfer campaign.