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Internet Leads

Internet Leads

Form-Fill Targeted Leads For Your Business

The goal here is to provide higher quality targeted leads while lowering your cost per prospect and cutting down on "busy work". When working a lead generated from quality traffic where the web-surfer knows they have opted-in for a call, the overall success rate speaks for itself.

Our Internet form filled leads are generated from top tier search traffic, content-rich advertorials, Google Adwords, Facebook and other paid Internet advertisement.

Call now at  844-999-8080  to learn more about our lead campaign options and pricing. We can tailor a campaign to meet your exact needs and budget. 

Since 1999, we have been a professional company that  provides high quality. Those leads, in turn, help businesses grow in a controlled fashion.

Here are some of our offerings:

  • Exclusive Internet Leads

  • Semi-Exclusive Internet Leads (Generated from top-tier search traffic)  

  • Shared Internet Leads (Generated from email, display, banners, advertorials)

Our leads are generated from borrowers online right now keyword searching for assistance. 

No Gimmicky Ads, No Incentive Offers & No Teaser Rates!

  • Aged Internet Leads 

  • Inbound TV transfers 

  • Call Center Screened Live Call Transfers

  • Targeted Direct Mail