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Industry Leader in Sales Lead Generation Since 1999

The Industry Leader in Sales Lead Generation for over a Decade! Work with a dedicated team with the passion, technology, resources and proven marketing methods to guarantee you results!

We generate internet leads,Artificial Intelligence blind transfers, live call transfers, targeted direct mail, Click2Call web-transfers, aged leads, exclusive mortgage leads and we work with over 20 different verticals. Browse our site and we invite you to call with any questions.


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We know what kind of leads you need to be successful and what you require of a lead vendor. See firsthand how SmartLeads Media is emphatically better! 

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Form-Fill Leads are leads with the user searching the web, finding our site and filling in the contact us form. These are available Exclusive-Real-Time, 2nd Position, Shared and Aged.

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Live transfers

100% Contact ratio. Speak with every lead you purchase. Our call center will prequalify your prospect before you even talk to them. Then they are introduced to you in a worm, live transfer.

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Direct Mail

Laser targeted Direct Mail campaigns with proven success. In this digital age our clients are amazed at the wild success they are having with these unique and measurable strategies!

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Data / Opt In

Data Lists & Opt-in Leads: TCPA compliant Opt-In Data Lists that will increase your ROI and lower your CPA. Start speaking with qualified & motivated prospects today!


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