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Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Keep Your Customers Coming Back

Direct mail is a  great way to attract new customers for your products and services. It also serves as a powerful retention tool to keep people coming back.

But... It won't work if the piece you send out isn't designed and executed properly. Your piece has to reflect who you are and what your company does. It's mission statement isn't enough in direct mail. We all know the first 3-4 seconds in hand will determine if your piece gets thrown in the trash, or acted upon with the offer you present for action. We have a host of direct mail templates that we can brand with your company's logo and other relevant info.

In combination with our custom lists, we'll create a campaign with you that will be;

  • Sent only to those you target

  • Present a simple call to action

  • Have a reliable, automated response system to ensure connection, retention and reorder.