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Debt Settlement

Credit Card Debt Settlement

SmartLeads Media's marketing campaigns allow you to target debt holders with a maximum amount of revolving credit card debt, open trade lines, a declining sub-prime history and a strong likelihood of major and minor credit derogatory without the use of farmed or co-reg data.

Exclusive Real-time Internet Leads
Live Call Transfer
TCPA Compliant Opt-In Data

✔ Nationwide coverage in your licensed states
✔ Unsecured debt exceeds $10,000+
✔ Facing adversity with monthly payments
✔ Employed or has verifiable income
✔ Clear of any bankruptcy's
✔ Valid interest to obtain a quote from a professional
✔ Not under contract with another debt relief agency

SmartLeads Media offers debt settlement leads in every state in the nation with customized filters to target the type of loans you want to write.

Through dynamic web-based advertising and content-rich advertorials, we offer the quality leads you need to succeed and stay on budget. All of our leads are generated from highly targeted websites that are designed to target customer initiated applications of motivated borrowers who are searching the internet for debt settlement.

Partner With A Winning Team:
You will not find a lead partner more dedicated to your success. We have the knowledge, resources, people and passion to help elevate your business to the next level.

Qualified Prospects:
We believe you deserve exceptional quality, and we are committed to offering you the best solution in the business! We provide you with a steady stream of motivated prospects seeking debt settlement options. All the prospects are phone verified, so you are guaranteed the highest conversion ratios.

No Additional Fees:
No set up fees except AI calls, and no closed loan fees and no administration or system fees. You fund your account based on the lead package you select and no additional charges apply.

EXCLUSIVE & "Real-Time" Delivery:
Each lead is exclusive. Our state of the art lead management system captures the customers IP address, date and time of each application and once the lead is verified it is rushed to you all in the same day. You will never get old or stale leads!
Contact Guarantee:
All the prospects are phone verified. Once we have confirmed the contact information, the leads are ready for immediate delivery to you.

All of our exclusive debt settlement leads are sent in real-time and we never over sell leads or send stale or recycled leads. Real time leads are leads which are generated over the internet that are sent directly to your email the moment it hits our database and goes through our verification process. You can also elect to have verified leads with batch delivery with a custom delivery schedule. We Also offer Live Call Transfer Leads where we will get interested borrowers on the phone. Live Transfers have a 100% contact ratio and the highest closing averages in the industry. No matter what your budget, SmartLeads Media can delivery quality leads in real-time and on budget!

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2nd Position Aged:
Exclusive real-time:
Phone Verified:
Live Call Transfer:

We have small introduction packages and a 1st time customer discount. Let us know when you are ready to get setup and we can work out a trial campaign.

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Actual Script Used to Generate Debt Settlement Transfers

(Introduction) Hi, may I speak with (Contact)?

(Reason for call) Mr./Ms. _this is _______________ from the credit-card relief program. The reason for my call today is that you inquired about a free, no obligation debt relief quote.
(Qualifying Question) Does your current unsecured debt exceed $10,000 without including business debt, IRS or student loans? (Must be “YES”)
(I’m not interested) - Rebuttal If you could lower your monthly debt payments, lower your interest rates or even cut your total debt in half would you consider enrolling in a debt relief program, (contact name)? (Must be “YES”, If “NO” – Reject)
1.) What is the total amount of credit card and unsecured loan debt? (Must be at least $10,000)
2.) Are you currently working with any debt assistance company? (Must be “NO”)
3.) Are you currently employed? (Must be “YES”, or have some verifiable means of income)
4.) Are you making the minimum payments on your accounts or are you behind? (If behind, note how many months delinquent)
5.) Can you make a minimum payment of 2% of your total debt principal every month? (Must be “YES”)
6.) Have you ever filed for Bankruptcy? (If "yes", Must be at least 1 year previously discharged)
7.) Do you have a valid checking account? (Must be “YES”)

Let me go ahead and get your home or cell phone number as well, in case they can’t reach you on this one?

Congratulations! You pre-qualify for a premier debt reduction program. Do you have 10 minutes right now to speak with a debt counselor? (Must be “YES”)

Answer NO - Okay, when is a good time for me to call you back when you will be available to talk for 10 -15 minutes with a credit-counselor for a free assessment? (take proper note of call-back time). Okay I will call you then. Take care and have a great day.

Answer YES - Okay (First Name), we have a credit-counselor available and I'd like to transfer you....keep in mind that they will most likely cover some of the questions that I have already reviewed with you....but please be patient, they are wonderful and have assisted numerous applicants like yourself and are there to help benefit you....hold-on one moment please.

Bills that can be considered:
Credit-Card Bills
Medical Bills/Hospital Bills
Doctor/Dental Bills
Department Store Cards
Utility Bills
Personal Bank Loan (Without any collateral attachment)
Subscription to Magazines/Internet

Bills that cannot be considered:
Mortgage/Line of Credit/Equity Loans/ Student loans
Auto Loans
Furniture Bills
Payday Loans
Dishonored Checks
Marriage/Divorce/Funeral Bills
Lawyer/Attorney Fees
Parking Tickets
Child Support
IRS Tax Debt
Repair Bills (Car Repair/Home Repair)