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Getting Started For New Insurance Agents Part 2 of 3

Just for New Insurance Agents:  Getting Started PART 2 OF 3

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New Agents -
Change your behavior, NOW. You must set goals, but the Worst one you can make is “I’m going to close XX sales this month”. Instead, make goals like these;

·         I will ask for X referrals every day
·         I will talk about Insurance to X new people every day
·         I will hand out X business cards every day
·         I will make X New LinkedIn connections every day
·         I will make XX outbound calls every calling day
·         I will visit X local businesses every day

This is a little like playing a game like baseball. If you swing for the fences every swing, you’ll strike out a lot.
Babe Ruth, Famous for hitting home runs, also known for having the record for striking out. But if you look to make singles, doubles and the occasional triple, you’ll score lots of runs!

So, that’s the next thing to do, make this into a game. We’ve all grown up playing games. Games liven up our competitive spirit. When you’re really “in the game” you don’t get distracted so easily do you? Use rewards like bonuses. They can be for yourself, your spouse/SO or for your team. We all appreciate recognition for a job well done, so reward everyone who deserves it, especially yourself. Happy People Sell More.

When you’re new, it’s hard to imagine that price isn’t the Only obstacle. For this one, you need the next tip. That is, Buy Books and Actually Read them.
Here are 7 books I suggest for Every new agent;

·         The Greatest Salesman in the World
·         Gitomer’s Red Book of Selling
·         How to Win Friends and Influence People
·         The Referral Engine
·         How I Raised Myself From Failure
·         The Challenger Sale
·         Unselling: Sell Less… To Win More

For now, that will keep you busy enough. See the next part AFTER you have Read At Least One Book.

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