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Getting Started For New Insurance Agents Part 1 of 3

Just for New Insurance Agents:

Getting Started PART 1 OF 3

Get help, get all the help you can get. Take a sandwich with you to the office one day. Bring one for a possible mentor. Then offer them lunch in return for a conversation. Ask them what they had to do. Ask them how they grew into this business. Ask them how they find new prospects today. Your peers are easily your best resource for learning. A peer can direct you so much more directly because you’re in a conversation, not just drinking from a knowledge well. Just make sure you thank them in advance. They may not have been as smart as you to ask a peer for guidance. Lastly, about asking for help from peers, they don’t owe this to you. Show gratitude. Keep your demands on them very short and sweet. If you over-ask they’ll be inclined to steer away from you

Have a friend, spouse, manager, or anyone to do a quality control call with your prospect. Have them ask how you’re doing. Can they easily understand you? Were you personable enough? Remember, they don’t care how much you know till they know you care. Direct feedback from the people you Don’t close on your first visit, is the very best feedback you can get.

An OLD joke: When I took up the violin as a 5th grader, my uncle asked me if I wanted to play in Carnegie Hall. Of course was my response. He asked if I know how to get there. In 5th grade, the answer was No. His response: Practice, Practice, Practice
Rehearse your scripts in front of a mirror, out loud. Do that over and over till the words just flow out. Once you internalize your scripts, then and only then can you begin to personalize them The scripts are only the skeleton of your business call. It’s up to you to put everything else on. That is: Get Related.

Get Related from the very first phone contact to your in-home appointment. They will not buy insurance from you until they Trust you. Relatedness is the Key to closing insurance sales, especially Life.

Study, know your products. BUT AT FIRST, try to stick with only one company’s policies till you know them inside and out, then study the next, the next and so on. One insurer at a time.

For now, that will keep you busy enough. See the next part AFTER you have memorized your scripts.


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