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Psst... The 6th Time's a Charm

Secret to Sales Conversion:

Sixth Time’s A Charm…

By Leadologist, Joshua R. Conklin

The Surprising Impact of Call Frequency on Lead Conversion

SmartLeads Media cares about your lead conversion and we offer sales tips and tools to help ensure that your lead campaigns are a success. Sales leads are expensive, and the typical sales manager does not have accurate and readily available call metrics. How are you maximizing conversion rates? Can you provide a clear picture of the number of contact attempts sales agents are making on each lead? Chances are, your sales team is not making enough attempts to maximize contact and conversion rates. This lack of visibility means that valuable sales leads are being wasted. Your prospects are both busy and cautious, and more than 60% of contactable leads will not be reached on the first contact attempt. The most successful sales and marketing teams know this and keep a close eye on their return on investment (ROI), by tracking key metrics like call attempts. You can be sure your company will greatly benefit from implementing a sales workflow which enforces 6 contact attempts. SmartLeads Media internet lead campaigns as well as live call transfers generated in our US based call center in Nevada works with your CRM by posting leads live into Your lead management software so that you can track, manage, distribute and accurately measure your TRUE ROI. What are you doing to ensure that you are accurately measuring your return on investment? Don’t let money slip through your fingers and do all you can do to ensure that your lead campaign is a success. Investigate Customer Referral Management software such as Lead Mailbox, Leads 360 so you can determine you’re true cost per funded loan. Stop Wasting Money on Ineffective Lead Sources!

• Maximize your return on marketing investment
• Improve your conversion of leads to sales
• Discover your precise cost-per-lead by media, source, and campaign.

SmartLeads Media has a 95% retention rate. That staggering number was not achieved by accident; our clients are thrilled with their results! We know we have to deliver a lead far superior to our peers and provide excellent customer service to earn your repeat business. It is for this reason we have developed what we believe to be a superior lead… a smart lead.

So what makes a Smart Lead superior to other leads?

We have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars perfecting the formula to create SmartLeads Media. Starting with the way we capture the applications to bring you qualified prospects who want to speak to you. Our creative advertising, web placement, Artificial Intelligence technology, IVR technology, direct mail campaigns and our highly trained Tele Sales Representatives all play a key role in diversifying our leads. We seek out prospects that are ready to do business with you and screen them to match your specific criteria. We have the prospects fill out a 5 line identifier.

• There’s no point undertaking any marketing or advertising campaign unless you can measure its results. Results are best measured in terms of return on investment .

• If you’re after increased sales, you need to measure the cost of each sale generated to determine your return on investment. Fortunately tracking ROI for internet leads, direct mail and IVR marketing efforts are much easier than it is for traditional forms of advertising, such as TV, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, and Billboard. More and more Americans are seeking out the web to shop for home loans, these numbers continue to grow, what are you currently doing to capture these prospects? When you market online, every campaign can be tracked and measured all the way down to the penny. Internet leads simply are the most simple and cost effective way to gain a quantity of qualified prospects.

Yours in success,

Joshua R. Conklin
SmartLerads Media Founder

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