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Conversational Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial, but intelligent

Our AI agent interacts with the call recipient in a way that it guides the conversation through a series of yes / no questions. For example, if a yes answer is given to this quesiton, go on to the next in the script. If a no answer is given, redirect to another question/offer/end call.

Many, many lead generators claim to use AI, but don’t always believe what you hear.
The Secret Sauce to this is the data. You’ll need lots of rather inexpensive data. But that data needs to originate from the right source. Meaning, a Solar Installation company will receive much better response if the calls are made to prospects who actually searched online for solar systems.

The following is a brief recap of a One Week campaign:

We made 128,000 AI dials
347 of those responded positively when offered a live agent to help them select a package
273 of those transfers lasted beyond our 30 second included buffer
The Client ended up with a per call cost of $11

Hear the natural flow of an AI call
being accepted by the consumer

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